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    The test components are taken in the following order: ListeningThis test consists of four sections, each with ten questions. The first two sections are concerned with social needs. The first section is a conversation between two speakers and the...
  • [FREE] Cambridge 10 General Reading Test B Answers | new!

    Academic ReadingThis test consists of three sections with 40 questions. There are three texts, which are taken from journals, books, magazines and newspapers. The texts are on topics of general interest. At least one text contains detailed logical...
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    Candidates are also assessed on their ability to write in an appropriate style. General Training WritingThis test consists of two tasks. In Task 1 candidates are asked to respond to a given situation with a letter requesting information or explaining the situation. They are assessed on their ability to engage in personal correspondence, elicit and provide general factual information, express needs, wants, likes and dislikes, express opinions, complaints, etc. They are assessed on their ability to provide general factual information, outline a problem and present a solution, present and justify an opinion, evaluate and challenge ideas, evidence or arguments. SpeakingThis test takes between 11 and 14 minutes and is conducted by a trained examiner. There are three parts: Part 1The candidate and the examiner introduce themselves.
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

    This part lasts between four and five minutes. Part 2The candidate is given a task card with prompts and is asked to talk on a particular topic. The candidate has one minute to prepare and they can make some notes if they wish, before speaking for between one and two minutes. The examiner then asks one or two questions on the same topic. Part 3The examiner and the candidate engage in a discussion of more abstract issues which are thematically linked to the topic in Part 2.
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    The discussion lasts between four and five minutes. The Speaking test assesses whether candidates can communicate effectively in English. Each question in the Listening and Reading tests is worth one mark. For example, if the answer is a single letter or numeral you should write only one answer. If you have written more letters or numerals than are required, the answer must be marked wrong.
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    For example, to complete 'in the …', and the correct answer is 'morning', the answer 'in the morning' would be incorrect. WritingThe model and sample answers are on pages It is not possible for you to give yourself a mark for the Writing tasks. It is important to note that these show just one way of completing the task, out of many possible approaches. These model answers and sample answers will give you an insight into what is required for the Writing test. At the end of the each Listening and Reading Answer key you will find a chart which will help you assess whether, on the basis of your Practice Test results, you are ready to take the IELTS test.
  • Test Format

    In interpreting your score, there are a number of points you should bear in mind. Your performance in the real IELTS test will be reported in two ways: there will be a Band Score from 1 to 9 for each of the components and an Overall Band Score from 1 to 9, which is the average of your scores in the four components. However, institutions considering your application are advised to look at both the Overall Band Score and the Bands for each component in order to determine whether you have the language skills needed for a particular course of study. For example, if your course has a lot of reading and writing, but no lectures, listening skills might be less important and a score of 5 in Listening might be acceptable if the Overall Band Score was 7.
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    However, for a course which has lots of lectures and spoken instructions, a score of 5 in Listening might be unacceptable even though the Overall Band Score was 7. Once you have marked your tests you should have some idea of whether your listening and reading skills are good enough for you to try the IELTS test. If you did well enough in one component but not in others, you will have to decide for yourself whether you are ready to take the test. The Practice Tests can only give you an idea of your possible future performance and it is ultimately up to you to make decisions based on your score.
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    We have based our recommendations on the average scores which the majority of institutions accept. The institution to which you are applying may, of course, require a higher or lower score than most other institutions.

    Sources Texts are taken from books, journals, magazines and newspapers, and have been written for a non-specialist audience. All the topics are of general interest. They deal with issues which are interesting, recognisably appropriate and accessible to test takers entering undergraduate or postgraduate courses or seeking professional registration. At least one text contains detailed logical argument.
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    Texts may contain non-verbal materials such as diagrams, graphs or illustrations. If texts contain technical terms a simple glossary is provided. Answering Test takers are required to transfer their answers to an answer sheet during the time allowed for the test. No extra time is allowed for transfer.
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    Care should be taken when writing answers on the answer sheet as poor spelling and grammar are penalised. Marks Each question is worth 1 mark. Test takers write the letter of the answer they have chosen on the answer sheet. The questions may involve completing a sentence, where they are given the first part of a sentence and then choose the best way to complete it from the options, or could involve complete questions; with the test takers choosing the option which best answers them. The questions are in the same order as the information in the text: that is, the answer to the first question in this group will be located in the text before the answer to the second question, and so on. This task type may be used with any type of text.
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    Task focus Multiple choice tests a wide range of reading skills, including detailed understanding of specific points or an overall understanding of the main points of the text. It is important to understand the difference between 'false' and 'not given'. Students need to understand that any knowledge they bring with them from outside the passage should not play a part when deciding on their answers. It can thus be used with more factual texts. It is important to understand the difference between 'no' and 'not given'.
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    They may be asked to find: specific details, an example, a reason, a description, a comparison, a summary, an explanation. When this is the case, they will be told that they can use any letter more than once. This type of task can be used with any text as it tests a wide range of reading skills, from locating detail to recognising a summary or definition. Unlike task type 5, Matching headings, it is concerned with specific information rather than with the main idea. A heading will refer to the main idea of the paragraph or section of the text.
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    Test takers must match the heading to the correct paragraphs or sections, which are marked alphabetically. Test takers write the appropriate Roman numerals in the boxes on their answer sheets. There will always be more headings than there are paragraphs or sections, so that some headings will not be used. It is also possible that some paragraphs or sections may not be included in the task. One or more paragraphs or sections may already be matched with a heading as an example for test takers. This task type is used with texts that contain paragraphs or sections with clearly defined themes.
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    The options are a group of features from the text, and are identified by letters. Test takers may, for example, be required to match different research findings to a list of researchers, or characteristics to age groups, events to historical periods, etc. It is possible that some options will not be used, and that others may be used more than once. The instructions will inform test takers if options may be used more than once. It may be used both with factual information, as well as opinion-based discursive texts. Test takers need to be able to skim and scan the text in order to locate the required information and to read for detail. They will have more options to choose from than there are questions. Test takers must write the letter they have chosen on the answer sheet.
  • GT Reading Test 15 Section 1 - Passport Application & Auckland International Airport Services

    The questions are in the same order as the information in the passage: that is, the answer to the first question in this group will be found before the answer to the second question, and so on. They must write their answers on the answer sheet. If test takers write more than the number of words asked for, they will lose the mark. Numbers can be written using figures or words. Contracted words will not be tested. Hyphenated words count as single words. The summary will usually be of only one part of the passage rather than the whole. The given information may be in the form of: several connected sentences of text referred to as a summary , several notes referred to as notes , a table with some of its cells empty or partially empty referred to as a table , a series of boxes or steps linked by arrows to show a sequence of events, with some of the boxes or steps empty or partially empty referred to as a flow-chart. The answers will not necessarily occur in the same order as in the text.
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Test Format | Cambridge English

    However, they will usually come from one section rather than the entire text. There are two variations of this task type. Test takers may be asked either to select words from the text or to select from a list of answers. Contracted words are not tested. Where a list of answers is provided, they most frequently consist of a single word. Because this task type often relates to precise factual information, it is often used with descriptive texts. In the variations involving a summary or notes, test takers need to be aware of the type of word s that will fit into a given gap for example, whether a noun is needed, or a verb, etc.
  • IELTS General Reading Practice Test 10

    The answers do not necessarily occur in order in the passage. The diagram may be of some type of machine, or of parts of a building or of any other element that can be represented pictorially. This task type is often used with texts describing processes or with descriptive texts. This is most likely to be used with a text that contains a lot of factual information and detail. Test takers must write their answers in words or numbers on the answer sheet. Test takers must write their answers using words from the text. The questions are in the same order as the information in the text. All answer sheets, after being marked, are further analysed by Cambridge Assessment English. Scores are reported in whole bands and half bands. Test format — Reading 60 minutes The Reading section consists of 40 questions, designed to test a wide range of reading skills.
  • IELTS Practice Cambridge 7 General Reading Test A C7GTA

    These include reading for gist, reading for main ideas, reading for detail, skimming, understanding logical argument and recognising writers' opinions, attitudes and purpose. IELTS General Training test - this includes extracts from books, magazines, newspapers, notices, advertisements, company handbooks and guidelines. These are materials you are likely to encounter on a daily basis in an English-speaking environment. Section 1 may contain two or three short texts or several shorter texts. Section 2 comprises two texts. In Section 3, there is one long text.
  • IELTS GT Reading Passages With Answers

    Section G Using your new microwave oven A As microwave cooking times are much shorter than other cooking times, it is essential that recommended cooking times are not exceeded without first checking the food. B Take care when heating small amounts of food as these can easily burn, dry out or catch fire if cooked too long. Always set short cooking times and check the food frequently. These can easily burn or catch fire if cooked too long. D Some processed meats, such as sausages, have non-porous casings. These must be pierced by a fork before cooking, to prevent bursting. Whole fruit and vegetables should be similarly treated. E When heating soup, sauces and beverages in your microwave oven, heating beyond boiling point can occur without evidence of bubbling. Care should be taken not to overheat. For foods that cannot be stirred, e.
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    G It is important for the safe operation of the oven that it is wiped out regularly. Use warm, soapy water, squeeze the cloth out well and use it to remove any grease or food from the interior. The oven should be unplugged during this process. Nobody ever has enough money, so there is an overwhelming temptation to go for the cheapest property. It is a mistake that can take decades to rectify — and even threaten the future of a promising business. Ironically some firms swing too far in the other direction, committing themselves to a heavy initial outlay because they believe in the importance of image — and that does not come cheap.
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    Finding the right premises is the real secret. That can, and will, vary enormously according to the type of business. But there are some general rules that apply to any operation. Location High street premises are important for shops which rely on passing trade — but these are expensive. Rents fall quickly within a few metres of main roads. Offices, however, need not be located centrally, particularly if most business is done on the phone or via email.

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