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    Districts in the province were told to complete setting up concentrated quarantine centers and facilitate patrols and tackle people illegally entering the country. The provincial government will work out and allocate appropriate financial amounts to local units to deal with the pandemic, Thanh added. The northern province had mapped out Covid testing plans for residents in vulnerable areas such as the Dong Son urban area where the hotspot Sunny Club is located and six coronavirus cases had been reported, the Phuc Yen General Hospital and locations linked to a group of Chinese experts who were confirmed to have been infected with Covid Besides this, the province will expand its field hospital, add at least 2, beds at concentrated quarantine facilities and propose purchasing or renting Covid testing machines to meet the testing demand.
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    As of May 4, the province had discovered over 5, people were linked to coronavirus patients through its contact tracing efforts. Further, it had quarantined over 5, people and collected the samples of over 2, people, according to VnExpress news site. The Covid community transmission broke out in Vinh Phuc on May 2, reportedly originating from a group of Chinese experts that had left Vietnam.
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    Up to now, the province has reported 14 infections during the latest coronavirus wave. This is one of the five major cases which the Central Steering Committee for Corruption Prevention and Control has required to be tried as early as possible. Among 14 defendants put on trial, there are three women. All of the defendants have been held in custody. The 12 other defendants, along with Ngoc, are prosecuted for smuggling. Huy then contacted and hired smuggling rings to transport the products from Hong Kong to Vietnam and hand over to the Nhat Cuong Company for selling, with a total of 52, products sold at a total value of billion VND.
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    The procuracy said that this is a banned act under Article 13 of the law on accounting, which caused a loss of nearly 30 billion VND in tax revenue for the State. Huy and several other defendants are on the run and have been put on the wanted list by police. The trial is expected to last one week. Chairman of the association Dao Ngoc Trieu said the event will help raise public awareness and sense of responsibility about the humanitarian work while creating a philanthropic emulation campaign among agencies and people from all walks of life.
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    He expressed his belief that activities held will help with poverty reduction and new-style rural development in localities. The organising board also handed over 20 bicycles and aid to 10 local families and students in need. At the launch ceremony, the association received more than 11 billion VND in donations from its chapters and enterprises, which will be used to support 7,, poor residents, build at least two humanitarian works, and repair 69 Red Cross houses. As part of the event, a blood donation drive was also launched in Gia Lam district. Piloted from to , activities during the month have benefited more than , people and cost around 53 billion VND. The station consists of two stories with a combined length of metres, width of The freshly-completed B1 is built with a lobby, ticket vending machines, automatic toll gates, and a passenger information centre.
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    Meanwhile, the platform is arranged at the second ground floor. Ba Son station is designed with wave-like decorations reminiscent of the Saigon River. Construction on the line is now Urgent dispatch on concentrated quarantine regulations issued The National Steering Committee for COVID Prevention and Control on May 5 sent an urgent dispatch requiring the strict implementation of concentrated quarantine regulations and post-quarantine management. Under the document, the steering committee requests strict management over those entering Vietnam, as well as tighter inspection of concentrated quarantine along with strict punishment of organisations and individuals violating regulations on concentrated quarantine and quarantine at home and place of residency.
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    The committee required checking infrastructure at concentrated quarantine facilities to ensure the strict monitoring of quarantined people. Localities must improve the handover, transport and reception of those who complete their quarantine period at concentrated facilities back to their places of residence. People who return from concentrated quarantine facilities should make daily health declarations for local medical workers. If showing signs of fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, tiredness and loss of taste, they are advised to move to the closest health clinic for timely guidance.
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    They are not allowed to leave their houses or places of residence. In addition, COVID testing should be conducted on the seventh day since the concentrated quarantine period ends, said the urgent dispatch. The Ministry of National Defence is requested to direct army-managed concentrated quarantine establishments to seriously follow disease prevention and control measures, while the Ministry of Public Security is asked to direct local police forces to coordinate with medical agencies to manage the health monitoring at home and place of residency for those entering Vietnam. Call for entries is scheduled for May and June, while photo selection in September. The award ceremony and exhibition will be held later this year. Xo said that under the order, motels, hotels and accommodation facilities across the country will be examined, while the border guards will increase border patrols, and the police will seek illegal immigrants and launch legal proceedings against them and brokers of illegal immigration.
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    Illegal immigrants who are negative to COVID will be returned to the places they departed, while accommodation facilities violating relevant regulations will have their licences revoked and receive administrative fines and even criminal punishments, he said. According to the officer, since the beginning of the year, about , people have entered Vietnam, including , through land border gates, and 40, through flights. Meanwhile, 39 localities nationwide have reported cases with 1, illegal Chinese immigrants. The Ministry of Public Security prosecuted 49 cases with defendants. The officer added that the major method of organising illegal entry into Vietnam is contacting those wishing to enter Vietnam through the Internet before transporting them to the country. As Vietnam shares a long border with neighbouring countries, it is easy to cross the land border, he said, adding that through the general examination campaign, localities will report to the ministry major methods of brokering illegal entry into Vietnam, thus put forth effective prevention and combat measures.
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    Between January , , they used their Facebook accounts to post eight video clips against the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. They also published video clips inciting people to revolt against authorities, insulting organisations and agencies, and defaming Party, State and Government leaders. The judge decided that the duo will be under home probation for another three years after their jail terms end.
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    The animal, weighing 6. Recent research shows that Bach Ma National Park is home to 15 herds of red-shanked doucs with more than individuals. Since , the park has received and released more than endangered individuals, including Indochinese serows, red-shanked doucs, Indochinese box turtles, and pangolins, among others. Exhibition on National Assembly kicks off in Bac Ninh More than photos and documents featuring the first General Election and development of the National Assembly of Vietnam are being displayed in the northern province of Bac Ninh. It gives visitors an insight into the formation of the legislative body, the first general election on January 6, , the year journey of the National Assembly. The event will last until the end of June.
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    The province has also established election groups in localities, stepped up the communication work, and settled complaints and denunciations regarding the upcoming elections in line with regulations. Meanwhile, the lists of candidates and voters have been announced. Apart from measures to ensure security and order during the important political event, Kien Giang has drawn up a COVID prevention and control plan. Pointing out the high risk of COVID infections as Kien Giang borders Cambodia that is facing a surge in cases, he asked the province to observe COVID prevention and control regulations during the organisation of meetings between candidates and voters.
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    Meanwhile, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the Youth Federation of Long An also handed over 30, face masks, 2, litres of sanitizer gel, and 4 anti-bacterial chemical sprayers to the Youth Unions of the two provinces of Cambodia. The gifts aim to support the two provinces to overcome hard times due to the COVID pandemic, while showing the mutual support and assistance between Vietnam and Cambodia. The event was chaired by Lt. Reviewing the cooperation outcomes in the recent past, the two sides noted that Vietnam and France have maintained their cooperative ties in many areas in an appropriate manner.
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    Despite complex developments of the COVID pandemic, they have sustained high-level contact via videoconference while working closely and rather effectively in other spheres like training, UN peacekeeping operations, and military medicine. Particularly, he added, France has sent its experienced experts to provide specialised advice for the Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations under a cooperation agreement between Vietnam and the EU. For the time ahead, the two sides agreed to maintain high-level contact in suitable forms, in person or via teleconference; organise activities to mark the 30th founding anniversary of defence relations; and enhance ties in hydrography, peacekeeping operations, military medicine, and training. They will also specify the time for the Vietnam-France defence strategy and cooperation dialogue this year and finalise the defence cooperation plan for Relatives of Gojek drivers are also given training to help them start a technology-based business, with the aim of improving their incomes and living conditions.
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    Under the project, experts from the Women Cultural House and Gojek provide courses on financial planning and e-commerce store management, cooking skills, and knowledge about food safety and hygiene. After completing the courses, participants receive support to help them become merchant partners of GoFood, a food delivery platform developed by Gojek. Gojek also helps the participants advertise their products to millions of its users, and gives 2 million VND 87 USD to each person for cookware purchases. Thanks to this project, I have a new start. It provided support for micro-, small and medium-sized shops and hawkers that have been affected by the Covid pandemic by helping them start their business on the GoFood platform.
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    Dozens of shop owners have become partners on GoFood, and now have more new customers and higher incomes. Their stories have been broadcast on the HTV9 channel, and have received a warm welcome from TV audiences. By helping them join the digital economy, we give them a chance to improve their incomes as well as contribute to social and economic development. At a working session with leaders from Ha Giang and heads of the Election Committees of the province and Dong Van district, the top legislator lauded the efforts of the locality in preparing for the election, which have been conducted in line with regulations and made good progress. The NA Chairman also suggested that Ha Giang carefully review its list of voters, thus ensuring the rights of all local residents, while providing a proper response to all complaints related to election activities and candidates.
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    The locality should also strengthen the application of media efforts to increase communications on candidate information, while strengthening the application of information technology in organising meetings with voters. Along with preparing for the election, Ha Giang should also focus on boosting economic development and ensuring security-defence, especially along its shared border. On the same day, Hue attended a flag hoisting ceremony at the Lung Cu flagpole.
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    Enjoy interacting with people? Like to have a positive impact on others? Want to own your own business and gain financial independence? Have an interest in personal finance? Below you will find answers to some commonly asked questions about this unique career! The CPA has garnered the reputation of the most trusted advisor, and clients are more willing to work with a CPA as a recognized professional. Because of licensing requirements, CPA financial planners and Personal Financial Specialists PFS are required to have a broad base of knowledge, including an ethical component, which is more comprehensive and well-rounded compared to other types of financial planners.
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    What types of client cases might a CPA financial planner work on? CPA financial planners and Personal Financial Specialists are in the unique position to build long-lasting relationships with clients, making a difference in their lives and getting to know them beyond the financial statements. They help clients navigate technical issues like tax consequences of property exchanges and retirement planning which can be stressful transactions or events for people. They coach clients and help them attain a satisfying quality of life, which goes beyond the numbers. Each day for a CPA financial planner is different and each client has a unique situation. What are some specialty areas in the area of personal financial planning? How do you ensure a well-rounded financial plan? Personal financial planning itself is a specialty area. As a young professional, you can focus on several areas of financial planning as a holistic planner to ensure a well-rounded plan for your clients.
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    These areas include estate, retirement, income tax, risk management and investments. How did you learn to be a CPA financial planner? There are three components to gain competence in personal financial planning: education, experience and understanding the business. First, make an investment in yourself and your education. Second, gain the experience — do as many financial plans as possible. Work on developing your soft skills — listening is among the most important of these! Third, the best way to learn and understand the business is by engaging with CPAs who have been successful.
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    Is there coaching or are there courses that you can take to develop confidence when engaging with clients or prospects? You can develop your confidence when engaging with clients, both in technical expertise and in soft skills. To develop your technical expertise, take advantage of PFP Boot Camp , self-study education , webcasts , and conferences. To develop your soft skills, volunteer to help those in your local community understand their personal finances through every stage of life via financial literacy efforts using materials made available through degrees of Financial Literacy. Alternatively, hold a learning session for professionals in your office on a topic you are particularly passionate about — it not only shows initiative, but teaching is the best way to learn because you have to understand it first. In addition, Broadridge Advisor contains a library of customizable, high impact presentations written by CPAs and lawyers to help you build long-lasting relationships with clients, and find planning opportunities.
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    How do you handle the stigma of being a new CPA financial planner who does not have years of experience? The good news is that most clients do not consider age as an impediment to being a good CPA financial planner; it is more often our own CPA self-perception that age is correlated with experience and competence. But just in case you run into that one client, go the extra mile to dress, communicate and act in the highest professional manner. Demonstrate your energy and enthusiasm and be proactive in making yourself a better financial planner to then help your clients. After getting an education in personal financial planning, where would you look for a position in a CPA firm using your PFP and investment skills? There is no right path — it can be different for everyone.
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    Talk to people who are in the shoes you want to be in; CPA financial planners are willing to mentor and foster the future of their profession. To help you get started on the PFS credential, we have put together a series of pages to walk you through the requirements. We start with the examination qualifications. Often as you prepare for the examination , you will meet the education needs. After looking at the education requirements, we'll walk you through the experience qualifications.

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