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    Did I -- The Cheapskate -- make the right call? Have I encountered any major problems? What's the overall experience and would I recommend it to others? Now playing: Watch this: Testing out T-Mobile's home internet service Here's everything you need...
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    Not gonna happen. Obviously, I had concerns. Would it be fast enough for everyday computing? Could it handle 4K streaming video? Would it work with my mesh network and support the many, many connected devices in my house? Perhaps most important, was...
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    It creates 2. Read more: The best mesh routers for The T-Mobile Home Internet app guides you through the setup process, which includes scanning a QR code on the bottom of the gateway, choosing a network name aka SSID and password and even changing the administrator password if you're so inclined -- all pretty standard router-setup stuff, all pretty simple and straightforward. Previously I used my own cable modem connected to Comcast and an Eero mesh router. For the first days of testing I left the latter out of the equation, as I wanted to see how the gateway performed on its own. Using the service After the initial setup, everything seemed to be working. Having successfully connected my phone, my next stop was my Asus laptop. Curiously, the T-Mobile gateway didn't appear in the list of available networks.
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    Read more: T-Mobile announces widespread launch of consumer Home Internet service Then I tried restarting the gateway, which proved a huge mistake: It seemed to lose all my previous setup settings, as though I'd done a hard reset. This despite it having a battery backup; more on that later. The app forced me to repeat the entire setup process, including choosing passwords. When I tried using the same ones as the first time, it wouldn't accept them. When I tweaked them slightly, I got a cryptic "installation failed" message. Eventually everything seemed to sort itself out, and once I plugged my Eero base station into the gateway, my laptop had no trouble connecting. For the record, the issue was an outdated Wi-Fi driver. Once I tracked down and installed a newer one, the laptop found the gateway. Now I was ready for full-bore, whole-house testing. T-Mobile Home Internet speed and reliability Here's the good news: After six weeks of business as usual -- working online during the day, streaming video at night, FaceTime calls to parents and so on -- I've encountered scarcely a blip in connectivity.
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    Because in the end, what matters is, can I reliably access the internet? So far, so good. I'd even say very good. But there are definitely some caveats to consider, starting with this: Although T-Mobile's marketing campaign trumpets this as a 5G service, there's actually no mention of 5G anywhere on the T-Mobile Home Internet signup page. I mention that because, six weeks in, I still have no idea if I'm getting 5G or not. According to T-Mobile's coverage map, I should have 5G at my house. However, nowhere -- not on the web admin page, not in the T-Mobile Home Internet page, not on the gateway's status screen -- is there anything indicating "5G. Does it matter? Not really, as long as I'm getting good performance. Which I am. I just wish there was some at-a-glance way to know if I'm getting the 5G I was promised. Certainly the test numbers don't tell the whole story: Over the course of six weeks, I discovered that T-Mobile Home Internet performance varies widely.
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    The good news is it didn't really affect my day-to-day online experiences. As you can see, my upload and download numbers are all over the place. I've seen speeds as low as 6. This despite the gateway's little touchscreen display consistently showing 4 to 5 bars much like on a phone and the app reporting "very good" or "excellent" connection quality. Let me pause to note that there are so many variables involved here -- local congestion, proximity to towers, signal interference within the house and so on -- that my experiences can't be considered typical. They're simply my experiences. Your mileage absolutely may vary. I can say that after some pretty concerning slowdowns during week one, I experimented with moving the gateway to different areas of the house. To my surprise, relocating it to a second-story window yielded a huge performance bump. Those are the numbers you're mostly seeing in the chart above.

    Needless to say, gateway placement can make a big difference. I also did a quick bit of side-testing at my mother-in-law's farmhouse about seven miles due west of where I live , where cable internet isn't available. In fact, her only option until now has been a slow, expensive, data-capped satellite service. After plugging in the gateway, I was chagrined to discover it showed only two bars -- "weak" connectivity, according to the Home Internet app. But then I ran Speedtest: Download performance was hitting Mbps, which seemed amazing, while uploads were only about 9Mbps. Why the disparities? See above regarding variables. I'll simply say that she went ahead and subscribed to the service, and for the most part it's been working well.
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    And that's really the key: The only way to know if T-Mobile Home Internet will be a good fit at your house is to try it. T-Mobile Home Internet issues Although I've had good results overall with performance -- I've streamed hours of 4K video, participated in countless Zoom meetings, downloaded big games to install and so on -- not everything about the service is perfect. In addition to the aforementioned laptop problem, my RemoBell S hard-wired smart doorbell stopped working properly.
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    Video became highly pixelated and pretty much unusable. I can't say why, as the "front end" meaning the doorbell's connectivity to my Eero-powered Wi-Fi network was fundamentally unchanged. Interestingly, I have a Wyze Cam Outdoor installed about 15 feet from the doorbell, and it's still operating normally. I then swapped the RemoBell for a Wyze Doorbell; the latter works perfectly. I also learned that, although the gateway includes a battery backup, it disables both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity while running on battery power. That means it's of no use during a power outage. According to a T-Mobile representative, the battery is there so you can move the gateway around your house and see where it picks up the best signal.
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    Turns out you need to activate autopay to get the lower rate -- easy enough to do online, but I was certain I'd already set this up when I first signed up for service. My mother-in-law had the exact same experience. At this writing, there's a concerning bit of fine print on the sign-up page: "Not compatible with some live TV streaming services.
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    Although the gateway has its own phone number, T-Mobile Tuesdays is not officially available to Home Internet subscribers. If you enjoy online gaming, this may not be the ISP for you. I've heard anecdotally and in the user forums see below that Home Internet produces too much lag, which can result in a poor gaming experience.
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    There's nothing here I consider a deal-breaker, but I definitely recommend perusing those forums to see what issues might be problematic for you. T-Mobile Home Internet tips Want to get the best experience? Here are some tips based on what I've learned in recent weeks.
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    Is it possible to overcome test anxiety? Answer From Craig N. Sawchuk, Ph. Several strategies can reduce test anxiety and increase your performance on test day. A little nervousness before a test is normal and can help sharpen your mind and focus your attention. But with test anxiety, feelings of worry and self-doubt can interfere with your test-taking performance and make you miserable. Test anxiety can affect anyone, whether you're a primary or secondary school student, a college student, or an employee who has to take tests for career advancement or certification. Here are some strategies that may help reduce your test anxiety: Learn how to study efficiently.
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    Your school may offer study-skills classes or other resources that can help you learn study techniques and test-taking strategies. You'll feel more relaxed if you systematically study and practice the material that will be on a test. Study early and in similar places. It's much better to study a little bit over time than cramming your studying all at once. Also, spending your time studying in the same or similar places that you take your test can help you recall the information you need at test time.
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    Establish a consistent pretest routine. Learn what works for you, and follow the same steps each time you get ready to take a test. This will ease your stress level and help ensure that you're well-prepared. Talk to your teacher. Make sure you understand what's going to be on each test and know how to prepare.
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    In addition, let your teacher know that you feel anxious when you take tests. He or she may have suggestions to help you succeed. Learn relaxation techniques. To help you stay calm and confident right before and during the test, perform relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, relaxing your muscles one at a time, or closing your eyes and imagining a positive outcome. Don't forget to eat and drink. Your brain needs fuel to function. Eat the day of the test and drink plenty of water. Avoid sugary drinks such as soda pop, which can cause your blood sugar to peak and then drop, or caffeinated beverages such as energy drinks or coffee, which can increase anxiety. Get some exercise. Regular aerobic exercise, and exercising on exam day, can release tension. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is directly related to academic performance.
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    Preteens and teenagers especially need to get regular, solid sleep. But adults need a good night's sleep, too, for optimal work performance. Don't ignore a learning disability. In many cases, a student diagnosed with a learning disability is entitled to assistance with test taking, such as extra time to complete a test, testing in a less distracting room or having questions read aloud. See a professional counselor, if necessary.
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    Talk therapy psychotherapy with a psychologist or other mental health professional can help you work through feelings, thoughts and behaviors that cause or worsen anxiety. Ask if your school has counseling services or ask if your employer offers counseling through an employee assistance program.
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    T-Mobile Interview Questions 1. Describe your knowledge of Agile project management. How does it differ from other project management methodologies? The interviewer would like to see that your knowledge is strong enough that you can compare project management methodologies. Discuss your current knowledge of Agile project management. Michelle's Answer "Most of the projects I've been part of have used Agile methodology. I have found that Agile project management gives greater flexibility to pivot without requiring substantial changes and reworking. The risk is also reduced, since the project is completed in iterative steps, with testing along the way, rather than waiting until the end of the project.
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    Is Agile project management the primary method used at T-Mobile? From my understanding, Agile encourages more of a collaborative environment with faster response time. This choice is because many of our projects are short with a tight deadline, and XPM is most effective for those types of project plans. What type of project management methodology do teams typically use at T-Mobile? When have you given back to the community? The interviewer would like further insight into how altruistic you are. Give the interviewer at T-Mobile a deeper insight into your values by discussing the ways that you give back. Perhaps you volunteer at a local charity, donate a portion of your paycheck to a specific organization, clean up around the parks on the weekend, or help your family with their needs.
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    Be sure to use a recent example as you do not want to lean on volunteer experience from 12 years ago. Michelle's Answer "Being an active participant in my community is second nature to me. There are a lot of people who are much less fortunate than I am and it's important for me to set a good example for my kids. More recently I started supporting my kids to sponsor a child. I also think it's outstanding that T-Mobile supports its employes' efforts to give back to their communities with everything from Huddle Up grants to gift-matching. In fact, that's one of the things that attracted me to the company. I was raised to believe in the importance of volunteerism and community service as part of one's civic duty. I'm very impressed by T-Mobile's commitment to service as well - from emergency response and service to veterans to the Huddle Up program and investing in youth. What was the biggest change you have had to deal with in your career?
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    You will likely face change in your career from time to time. Assure the interviewer that you can adapt to significant changes in a professional manner. Michelle's Answer "The biggest change that I have faced in my career so far would be when my previous company went through a major merger. We had to adapt to new processes and management which was quite challenging. In the end, it worked out well for the company, in a financial perspective, so the changes were well worth the challenges we faced initially. It was incredibly difficult to find a job in my related field. Not wanting to stay idle, I chose to take on an unpaid internship in my field to avoid my skills becoming stagnant. It was a smart choice in the end because, after three months of interning, I was offered a full time, permanent position with that organization.
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    It was a grind, and I learned a lot during that time about patience and endurance. T-Mobile was recently announced as having the fastest 4G LTE upload and download speeds for the 19th quarter in a row. How important is this feature to T-Mobile's continued success? The interviewer is looking for your familiarity with the company's points of pride and how they affect T-Mobile's position and strength within the marketplace. Take a few minutes to explore how this accomplishment reflects the T-Mobile brand and strengthens customer loyalty. Michelle's Answer "This is a key achievement for T-Mobile, because it brings to life the company's brand promise. T-Mobile promises its customers an unconventional, stress-free telecommunications carrier experience that is the opposite of what they expect from traditional carriers. The fact that the company can boast that using its services can help you upload and download your data faster than any other network simply exemplifies this point.
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    Not only do you promise your customers an 'un-carrier' experience, but you can also deliver it by making their upload and download experiences more easy than any other network. Once again, T-Mobile shows that it's leading the wireless revolution and continues to transform the entire industry. What do you think this means for the prepaid sector of our industry? This is a good opportunity to showcase what you've learned about T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile during the course of your interview preparation. Take the opportunity to share your thoughts about how this new launch can help the company's overall growth. Michelle's Answer "I did see this news recently, and I find it really exciting for T-Mobile's continued innovation and growth.
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    The prepaid sector of the telecommunications industry is presumably hungry for innovation and digital ease as well, and Metro by T-Mobile is the first prepaid brand to commit to launch 5G service. Combine that with adding Amazon Prime and Google One, and T-Mobile is showing prepaid customers the same level of customer-centric innovation as in the other sectors of its business, which is percent true to the T-Mobile brand. I believe T-Mobile will see both rapid and sustained growth in its prepaid segment as a result. Metro's commitment to 5G is yet another transformational moment as T-Mobile changes the face of the telecommunications industry. It's an exciting moment in the company's history and one that likely will force other carriers to follow suit - which means significant benefits across the industry for prepaid customers.
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    At T-Mobile, we annually publish transparency reports, which provide information about, and our responses to, various requests for customer information we've received. What are your thoughts on this practice? This is another key opportunity to show that you've done some research about T-Mobile in preparation for your interview. Show the interviewer that you understand T-Mobile's position on this issue and how it relates to overall industry issues. Michelle's Answer "Transparency is key for T-Mobile's success because it ensures trust from customers; every day various organizations and entities ask Internet and telecommunications providers to release information about their users. Since mobile phone and Internet users worldwide entrust a huge amount of sensitive and personal information to their service providers, understanding who might be requesting that information can be a huge step in consumers' protecting their private data.
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    These requests have prompted a critical and public debate about the scope and scale of - particularly government - access to users' information. For T-Mobile to be transparent in disclosing the types of requests it receives adds to that dialogue and provides important historical information for the continued analysis of this trend. When have you been asked to perform a function or complete a task that you had little or no experience in doing? Have you ever had to take on a task or a role that you felt was over your experience level? Talk to the interviewer about a time when you have dealt with this type of situation. What was the outcome, and what did you learn? Michelle's Answer "When my manager went on unexpected medical leave for three months last year, I was asked to step into her position in the interim.

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